A Nom Nom Weekend

First and foremost, I want to say how thoroughly impressed…ahhh, cut the crap…those of you who finished the Ironman this past weekend (eh hem…RON!) seriously kicked some ass! Yes, I said ass on a blog that my employer is probably looking at. I am amazed, inspired and empowered as someday (yes, a long, long time from now), I am going to tackle the ultimate athletic challenge. So congratulations to all of the Ironman finishers out there, you are simply amazing!

But because of their complete awesomeness, I feel as if my lame supposed-to-be-13-miles-then-turned-into-11-because-of-glorious-GI-issues blog post just won’t cut it this week. Yes, I ran. Yes, it was average. Yes, I didn’t get all the mileage in that I wanted this past week. But yes, I’m still on track for Chicago. That was exhilarating!

Instead, how about some photos? Yes, everyone loves photo (just nod your head and smile). Chicken’s mom came into town this weekend and we played host. Not only did this include a trip to San Francisco, but also Toy Story 3 (you’ll love it!) and amazing fresh veggies. She has the most fantastic garden and always bring Chicken and I the most gorgeous bounty!

New Recipe SUCCESS!

Sweet Potatoes...Nom!

Of The Garden Variety

Dinner #2...Still Working On The Leftovers

The weekend also included my first trip to San Francisco’s tea garden and a lovely lil’ stroll through Golden Gate Park.

Tea Time

Mas Por Favor

Happy Lil' Family

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  1. That food looks amazing!!!! I’m jealous!

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