Mind Games

Blogs are a great place for confessions, no? You can tell your secrets to the world and have you blogging BFFs assure you that everything is going to be ok. Thus, I have another confession for you and it concerns my return to training.

While vacation helped reignite the fire to train, a scary equation took over my psyche yesterday:

A week of no running due to the sickness from hell + A week of casual running due to vacation + Return to training with a double digit run = One scared red head.

Sometimes it’s not our physical capabilities that hinder us the most, but instead it’s our own mental competition and that’s exactly what I did. For some reason, I psyched myself out to a point of running apprehension. Me? Apprehensive about running? That’s blasphemy! But the thought of my body not being able to perform to the level I knew it was capable of consumed me and the phrase “muscle atrophy” kept replaying in my head. So what did I do to tackle this “return to training”? Well, to be honest, I think I did an hour’s worth of nothingness around the apartment before I even laced up. This included switching running outfits twice, cruising iTunes, uploading photos and talking baby voice to Lola…you know, the usual. But after that hour, I ran out of things to preoccupy myself with and slapped myself back into reality: get out there and run, damn it. And so I did.

The fog was ridiculously thick as I made my way down one of my usual paths: through my town and along the vineyards of Livermore. While my hygiene wasn’t pretty (I spit and blew more snot rockets than I would care to count – you know you do them too), it was a refreshing return to what I love the most. The cool air was perfectly refreshing, the fog created that eerie appeal that makes the usual scenery seem like you’ve traveled to somewhere new and my pace surprised was surprisingly brisk.

Why is it that we let ourselves be our own worst enemies? It can chew you up and spit you out, but in the long run, we can always prevail. So I’d like to know, how do you overcome your mental challenges when it comes to running?


Day 22: 12 miles
Day 23:
6 miles

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12 Responses to Mind Games

  1. What state is Livermore in?

    Oh you know that I blow my nose on my sleeve during cold runs! I can’t be bothered to keep sniffing.

    I hope you are feeling better!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    This is a toughie… i’m having a hard time getting through this now… i hope to break through that wall and come through better on the other side but its tough! :) hang in there sis, your mojo will return in no time! BOSTON BABY!

  3. Laura says:

    Welcome to my life! Before just about every run I have the passing thought, “I don’t want to do this…This is going to be really hard…”

  4. Keri says:

    Way to get out there :) It is so hard to get back to reality after a vacation!

  5. Kim says:

    I love how you confessed to your running procrastination, I do that all the time! Admitting this will only make you stronger! You have plenty of time to get back in the groove and dominate :)

    Also, quick side bar, your running conditions look a little bit better than Boston’s right now, we have been getting assaulted with snow and then freezing rain yesterday. Not very fun for those living in Boston and training for the big race!

  6. Naomi says:

    i am with you on mind games. i hate them and battle them constantly. good job on prevailing! i needed the inspiration.

  7. Nelly says:

    Yea I think after a bit of time off for one reason or another the hardest run is that first run. You are scared that you won’t feel 100% and that it is going to go horrible and that you won’t be in shape anymore. Generally it goes better than you had pictured in your mind, then the 2nd and 3rd runs are way easier to get out there. Sometimes the first run does go terrible, but you just need to keep getting out there and things will get better. I’m planning on running on Saturday, and I’ve had like 3 weeks off due to either activites or being sick, so I am afraid that its going to go terrible – we shall see.

  8. mysocal says:

    Anytime I need to spit I just look around and make sure no one is looking. Ha!
    I have to agree with Keri. It is really hard to get back to reality after vacation.

  9. Aron says:

    When I went on vacation to Maui during week 4 of CIM training I only ran FIVE miles! I came back just fine :) you will be back in full swing in no time!

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