Why Triathlons

Is it just me, or is November 6th the biggest race day ever?! It seemed like everyone I knew was out there busting their butt at some sort of race. For all of you that conquered NYC, Fresno, the US Half, trail races and more – a big congratulations to you all!

I also wanted to say thank you for all of your encouraging words on my big reveal post – it means a tremendous amount to me, even if that does mean I’m going to the alleged “dark side” (as some of you like to call it…eh hem…Katie…eh hem).

But the question remains: why do a triathlon?


Me circa 2004.
I need to go home and rummage through my mom’s photos to find the other old tri pics

Well, top secret folks, but I actually did a handful of triathlons in college. But ask me my time, PRs, anything technical and I couldn’t tell you. I merely did a few sprint triathlons and an Olympic distance triathlon to finish. I was an AWFUL swimmer, terrified of cycling downhill (on the mountain bike that I borrowed) and who knows what the hell I was thinking during the run. I think I got some AG awards, but that was out of pure numbers – not too many 18-year-old were doing my small town triathlons.

But this time around it’s different.

I am proud of every single one of my running goals that I’ve achieved. I’m pumped that I can run marathons, I’m proud that I ran the Boston marathon, I’m honored and humbled that I was able to do Boston to Big Sur, and I’m excited to continue checking other running goals off of my list. However, I’ve never been one to settle and I’m always looking for the next adventure.

I think it’s this quest for “what’s next” and looking for the next adventure that is the secret to personal growth. As most of us know, rarely do we run one marathon then hang up our hats. Instead, it’s like an obsession that keeps growing. Wow, if I can run 26.2 miles, I wonder if I can run it faster. I wonder if I can PR. I wonder if I can BQ. Always pushing ourselves to see what we’re made of, what we can accomplish and utilizing every single gift the folks upstairs gave us.

Then, it’s the opportunity to improve. There’s nothing better than looking back at where you came from and where you are now. I can look back at the time when I could barely run to the stop sign that was a quarter of a mile from my parent’s house without gasping for air. I can look back at high school track when the distance coach didn’t give a damn about me because I was in the back of the pack. I can now look back and smile, and I’m hoping to do the same with swimming and biking.

And finally, I would be lying if I didn’t include the big goal: an IronMan. It’s been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and, well, you have to start somewhere. I can’t wait to finish one for my dad someday – but that’s a different story.

So there you have it folks. Just the tip of the iceberg as to why I’m dabbling in triathlons. I’ll save my sappy sob stories for some other time, but I’m just excited to push myself and grow in my quest for the next adventure.

Happy Running!

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23 Responses to Why Triathlons

  1. Aron says:

    LOVE it! So excited for you and your next adventure <3

  2. Sesa says:

    Will you get the M dot tattoo after your Ironman, I wonder? It looks pretty badass.

    I’m pretty uncoordinated (can’t swim, fell off a spin bike once), so I admire anyone who can do a triathlon. For some reason the transition parts look the hardest, tho I can’t pinpoint why.

    I look forward to your tri stories!

  3. Laura says:

    You’re going to do awesome Page! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure!

  4. Monika says:

    So cool that you’re doing vineman! Man I wish I had registered. I was going to do barb’s race thinking SFM wouldn’t take repeat ambassadors.. but the tribe has spoken and I’ll do SFM instead of Barb’s RAce. Too bad we didn’t hear sooner or I would’ve signed up for Vineman instead. Oh well! I hate the swim anyways. I can do Barb’s next year. :) I can’t wait to watch you train over the next year. I only turned to triathlons because I felt marathons did me wrong and I gave up for a while and looked for something new to accomplish. Running is my true love though so I came back, but I’m intrigued by the balance of the three sports in a triathlon. You should come down to SD and do a shorter race! we have tons here! you know, being the birthplace of the sport and all :)

  5. Kimra says:

    I’m so excited to follow your tri adventures! I’m going to be training for my first (an Olympic) and am in the process of buying my first bike as an adult right now. I can tell I have so much to learn!

  6. Courtney says:

    so excited for you page!

  7. Nicole says:

    I am so excited for you! I love this post!!

  8. Meaghan says:

    You are going to fall.in.love! I’m so damn excited to watch your progress! Shriek!

  9. Allison says:

    Ironman, wow! I have no doubt that you will be crossing that off of your bucket list! I’m looking forward to hearing about your triathlon adventures.

  10. Rachel says:

    i think it’s all about attempting something that, on some level, seems impossible. i agree that it’s great to look back and see how far we’ve come, but also great, in a different way, to look at our future and wonder what’s possible. for me, the Ironman has been a dream for a while. i remember when i was first told what it was, i thought there’s no way, that it must be a race for superhumans. and now here i am, registered for my first one next june! good for you for trying something different, big, and a little scary : ) it just makes finishing that much better!

  11. katie says:

    I’m so SUPER pumped about this. I mean, honestly. Also, going back to “just” running makes it feel SO much easier. Wait, I don’t have to ride 70 miles first? I can just….go out and run 3 miles? Weird.

  12. Cate says:

    Triathlons are so much fun! Definitely NOT the dark side!!

  13. Terri says:

    I think it is wonderful to see you trying something again. With all your recent challenges with your hip you keep pushing along. Ya know I never would have thought of ever getting into a pool and now maybe! Keep going and I look forward to hearing about your accomplishments.

  14. Meggie says:

    Page – this is bad ass. I can’t wait to hear how you rock it. I’ve thought about doing one (a triathlon, not a half IM), but then I’d have to get all the gear and I’m afraid of falling off the bike.

    Can’t wait to hear of your triathlon glory.

    Also, I hear the dark side has cookies. Tell us about them.

  15. I tried a tri last year hoping I would like it, although I only liked it once I got to the running part! And biking while injured was a miserable experience…I didn’t like biking as a workout! But I’m impressed by people who do them, and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

    I would love to try an Ironman one day just to say I did it.

  16. RoseRunner says:

    I’m rooting for you, you crazy, ambitious, ambitious, awesome girl. I hope you make that high school coach cry with regret. MAKE HIM CRY!! (or her).

    I am afraid of swimming and biking — afraid that I suck at them. Maybe one day I will try to prove that wrong…

  17. runinthesun says:

    I’m so jealous! I would loooove to do a try… if only I could swim. I’m really thinking of taking lessons to actually learn how because I love being in water- I just don’t think the doggie paddle would get me to Kona.
    Good luck and have fun with it!

  18. Kim says:

    I’m in the same boat! However the 70.3 I wanted to sign up for is on the same weekend that my friend just picked for her wedding – WELP! From the two tris that I did this year I was ASTONISHED with how much I loved the bike, because I used to be in the same boat as you, living in fear of the downhills! I know you will CRUSH this half ironman and I am so excited to follow your journey :) Hopefully we can share some training tips I find another one that doesn’t interfere with wedding season – BAH!

  19. Keri says:

    I didn’t know you used to do triathlons! I thought this was new! You will do amazingly!

  20. Wow, just catching up on your blog now, congrats on your half-ironman sign-up!!!! I can’t wait to follow your journey as I have my eyes on a half-ironman for 2013. I did my first sprint tri this summer and absolutely LOVED IT! My goal is to do another sprint and maybe an olympic or two in 2012 and then tackle the half in 2013!

    My body also loves triathlon training A LOT more than marathon training. I was injury-free and felt great the 8 weeks I was sprint tri training!

  21. Beth says:

    Getting back to tri training will be SO different now that you’re an accomplished endurance athlete! I can’t wait to follow your progress towards your first half, and then FULL, ironman!!

  22. RoadBunner says:

    I didn’t know you had a history as a triathlete. It all makes perfect sense :)

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