Friendsgiving & Leftover Turkey Soup

This year, Chicken Face and I held out first (soon to be annual) Friendsgiving! Sounds fun, right? Totally, except for one minor thing: I’ve never cooked a turkey before and had absolutely no idea where to start. Thus, I turned to Martha Stewart and began hyperventilating at the thought of figuring out how to gut a turkey, what a cheesecloth was and how to ensure that I don’t give all of our guest food poisoning.


With a little bit of research, I ended up taking somewhat of a risk and making my own turkey recipe of sorts. Let’s just say that it was a great learning experience, nobody died, and next year will be even better!



Sorry, Cody. I just had to.


Lola’s new BFF.


Aron, Kristin and I. Tear.

Post-friendsgiving, I had copious amounts of turkey leftover with not an idea what to do with it. I turned to my trusty friend Google and found THE MOST AMAZING Southwestern turkey soup recipe (yes, that’s supposed to be in all caps). I have to admit, I’ve never made soup before and was super excited with how easy and delicious it was. It tastes like a spicy tortilla soup. Crumble some chips on top and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


(PS Don’t laugh at my food photography. I’m just trying to copy Cate. She’s amazing.)

Do you do Friendsgiving? What’s your favorite turkey left-over recipe?

Happy Running!

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7 Responses to Friendsgiving & Leftover Turkey Soup

  1. That soup looks so good! I really love this idea though. I might have to try having one myself next year!

  2. Meggie says:

    Nope, but I would love to Friendsgiving! Well, minus that whole cooking thing…

  3. Aron says:

    LOOK we are in real clothes!!!!

    It was sooo fun and I am already looking forward to next year :) thanks again for having us – everything was DELICIOUS!!!!

  4. Cate says:

    I love the soup photo!

  5. The Blonde says:

    I love spending Thanksgiving with friends! Such a different experience than with family.

    I have a fantastic turkey chili soup recipe. Yum-o!

  6. Nelly says:

    I give you mad props for cooking a turkey by yourself, I would have no idea how to do it! I probably would look up how to do it online or something! lol Friendsgiving does sound like a great time.

    I don’t have friendsgiving, but every week my friends meet up and we eat then go bowling. So I guess that is our friendsgiving. I actually bowled well yesterday with a 174 – best score I’ve gotten in forever. Funny part is I found a pink 14 pound bowling ball at the alley, so people were laughing when I said I was using it, haha

  7. Friendsgiving looks like so much fun! I had one on Thanksgiving since I couldn’t go home…it a good second place to actually being with family. Love your California crew!

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