Ironman Arizona: Week 45, 46 & 47

Last week I received a very welcome surprise…


Women’s Running Magazine was nice enough to feature this lil’ blog of mine in the Nov./Dec. issue! A big thank you for making me feel super special – it really means the world to me!

Now on to week 45, 46 and 47…

Week 45:

Mon., 10/8: Swim & Strength (3,500 yds.)
This was the first time that I wrote, “It’s official. I’m getting sick of swimming…” in my workout log.  I’m not getting any faster at swimming, but I’m just getting bored of looking at the floor and counting.

Tues., 10/9: Swim @ ClubSport (3,500 yds.) & Run (6.3 mi.)
Finally, a tempo run! I am loving every speed workout!

Wed., 10/10: Trainer Ride

Thurs., 10/11: Rest

Fri., 10/12: 16 miles cut short to 14
Cut my run short – had to get back to do my maid – ehem, matron – of honor duties!


My little sister and now brother-in-law.

Sat., 10/13: Long Ride (100.5) and Transition Run
We hustled back from Nevada so I could make my long ride – phew!


I really need new glasses.

Sun., 10/14: Rest

Week 46:

Mon., 10/15: Swim ClubSport (3,500 yds. of speed work) & Strength

Tues., 10/16: Swim ClubSport (3,400 yds.) & Ride

Wed., 10/17: Run (3.5 mi.)

Thurs., 10/18: Run (6.5 mi.)

Fri., 10/19: Swim ClubSport (3,000 yds.)

Sat., 10/20: Triple Brick!
2 hour ride, 50 minute run, 2 hour ride, 40 minute run, 2 hour ride, 30 minute run. You can see how it all went down here.


Testing out my SOAS race kit — I think this might be my game day ensemble! 

Sun., 10/21: Swim (3,000 yds) and Trainer Ride
I had another bout of open water anxiety. Go figure. But I just had to keep swimming and eventually it subsided.

 Week 47:

Mon., 10/22: Swim ClubSport (4,000 yds.) & Strength

Tues., 10/23: Run (6.6 mi.)

Wed., 10/24: Trainer Ride

Thurs., 10/25: Run

Fri., 10/26: Swim ClubSport (3,000 yds.)

Sat., 10/27: Run (18 mi.)

Sun., 10/28: Sick/Ride
What was supposed to be a 115 mile ride, I woke up feeling pretty awful. But I thought that because it was only in my neck and head, I could still power through it. I texted my coach and went on my way. I was stopping every 20 minutes to blow my nose and at around mile 25, I finally stopped to check my cell phone. This is what I found:


Crap. I decided that he was right because I wasn’t feeling so hot and turned around to make my way home. I took a few shortcuts and by the time I ripped my helmet off at mile 43, I felt dead. My head was throbbing, my nose a faucet and my throat a mess. I’m glad that I turned around when I did because I spent the rest of the day in bed and took a sick day on Monday as well. I’m still feeling like garbage, but I guess it’s better to get it now that come race day.

Week 45:
12.46 hours of training:
6,500 yards swimming
116 miles cycling
22.4 miles running
40 minutes of strength

Week 46:
15.44 hours of training:
12,900 yards swimming
127 miles cycling
17.7 miles running
40 minutes of strength

Week 47:
5.19 hours of training (stupid cold):
7,000 yards swimming
59 miles cycling
28.8 miles running
40 minutes of strength

Whew. There was a bigger week and then a not-so-big week thanks to this stupid cold…less than three weeks to go!

Happy Running!

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2 Responses to Ironman Arizona: Week 45, 46 & 47

  1. Congrats on the magazine feature. So cool. Good job on all the training, I love reading about it. You are a rockstar.

  2. Marlene says:

    I can’t believe how quickly race day is approaching. IRONMAN DAY! Looks like a few more weeks of solid training.

    And congrats on the Women’s Running feature! Way cool!!

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