In The Cooking Zone

On Sunday, I got in a groove. One of those grooves that relaxes, energizes, calms and motivates all at once. This groove wasn’t of the athletic type, but rather the Julia Child type. I went to town cooking.

Lately, I’ve been finding my place in the kitchen, fumbling through recipes and thoroughly aggravating Chicken Face because I am a horribly messy cook.

With Pinterest by my side, I am on my own culinary adventure. Here’s a look at the adventures cooking took me on this past Sunday. Bon appétit!

Vegan Carrot Cake Cookie Bites (Recipe Via)


I wouldn’t call these cookies “cookies,” instead, I’d call them crumbles. These little balls of goodness are all vegan, zero oil and zero flour. Sure they’re full of carrots, oats and flax, but I’d highly recommend you add the optional brown sugar as I can’t imagine what they’d taste like without it. I’ll go down on record saying that they aren’t really an ooey-gooey cookie, but I feel like they’re delicious mini power balls. Makes total sense, right?

Whole Wheat Applesauce Loaf Cake (Recipe Via)


In my dream life, Jenna and I from Eat, Live, Run are BFFs. I’ve never met her and if she were ever to read this, I’d immediately get tagged “creeper.” But her recipes always look delicious and I just happened to have all the ingredients for this super easy recipe. The bread is just slightly sweet and the frosting is the perfect richness to top the subtle bread. Oh and if you’re asking yourself if you really need that entire stick of butter in the frosting? Yes, yes you do.

Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas (Recipe Via)


I’m going to make a bold statement but you can hold me to this: these are the best enchiladas I’ve ever had! I’m usually not a fan of restaurant enchiladas with fake-tasting cheese and bland sauce, but this, my friends, is Mexican food heaven made right at home. I’ve never made enchiladas, let alone homemade enchilada sauce, but it was extremely easy (and cheap)! I added some jalapenos to the filling to quell my quest for all things spicy and both Chicken Face and I proclaimed these a success. And to top it off…they’re fantastic as leftovers!

Three scrumptious recipes all with unique flavors in a couple of hours. Nom nom nom…

I’m excited to explore new foods and flavors this year…to Pinterest I go! Oh, in case you’re curious, I started a Pinterest board only for recipes I’ve ACTUALLY tried and ACTUALLY liked, you can check it out here.

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16 Responses to In The Cooking Zone

  1. those enchiladas look straight up amazing… those are one (of my many) favorite foods and i HAVE to try

  2. Cate says:

    I neeeed to make those enchiladas! I made some raw carrot cookies too (with dates) if you want to try a different recipe (and they don’t crumble!)

  3. Anna says:

    I can’t wait to try the enchiladas and carrot cake cookie bites!

  4. That cake looks crazy good! Actually, I could happily just eat the frosting! :)

  5. Sounds (and looks) delish! I’m going to have to repin those carrot bites and give them a try!

  6. Kaitlin says:

    Hi Page! Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m SO happy you loved the enchiladas!! 😀 Always wonderful to hear. Loving your site by the way! Take care!

  7. Nicole says:

    I think I re-pinned those enchiladas from you on Pinterest! Can’t wait to make them!

    PS I am a horribly messy cook as well. Mike calls me Tasmania b/c the kitchen looks like the Tazmanian Devil went through it when I’m finished.

  8. MILF Runner says:

    The enchiladas look amazing. Must try. I only have two probs with this post: 1) you “nommed” and 2) WHERE’S THE CHIA????

  9. Ruta says:

    I’m so glad you gave the cookies a try! I suppose I agree that they’re not quite cookies, but I think they’re yummy none the less. Power balls, indeed!

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