I’ve mentioned the emotional roller coaster that is recovery, but I’m happy to report we were on the fun part this week. How so? Allow me to count the ways…

Monday, 1/28: Swim


Nothing too special to note here, just getting my swimmy swammy on. Oh, and it was frickin’ freezing. The end. I also got a deep massage where we literally worked on my lower left leg for an entire hour. It was glorious.

Tuesday, 1/29: Indoor Ride & Run

Sweaty indoor trainer ride in the am, followed by a “I’m so f-ing pumped up on endorphines right now” treadmill run. Eminem you know how to cut to my soul. Not really. But thanks for letting me feel like I’m a straight up bad ass for a couple miles.

Wednesday, 1/30: Weirdness

With a check-in PT appointment in the am and then heading out of town directly after work, I only got in a 15 minute core workout. I ended up shuffling the rest of my training schedule around for the remainder of the week, but that’s what training is. Making it work with your life.

Thursday, 1/31: Yoga & Indoor Ride


30 minutes with Yoga Studio App to warm up the body, followed by an indoor trainer ride at my parent’s place. This ride was also my WITHOUT MY BRACE! Fist pumps ensued.


Oh, and for the record, Matt Lauer makes every morning better. Thank you, NBC, for nailing him down into a long contract.

Friday, 2/1: Indoor Ride & Run

IMG_9431Loving my Oakley sports bra.

With the baby shower on Saturday, I had to squeeze in both workouts on Friday. Another indoor ride followed by what was my first RUN WITHOUT MY BRACE! I thought this called for a ridiculous treadmill selfie.

IMG_9419Breakfast date with my mom.

Saturday, 2/2: Baby Shower!


Can I count running around like a chicken with their head cut off (whoa, bad image, sorry Chicken Face) as cardio? Nah. Well it was worth it celebrating my sis and soon-to-be nephew.

Sunday, 2/3: Indoor Ride

If you’re paying attention, I only swam once this week. Beeee-doooooo. I was supposed to travel home then head to the pool, but I was too anxious to watch Beyonce do her thang, errr…I mean watch football. So I swapped my workout for an hour on the trainer while Beyonce immortalized herself in my brain as queen of everything. Fair call?

I closed out week 3 with:

6 hours and 5 minutes of training: 
1,400 yards swimming 
60.5 miles cycling 
6.5 miles running
15 minutes strength
30 minutes of yoga

So that was the week. Did you experience any highs? Anyone else madly obsessed with Beyonce now?

Happy Running!

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  1. Cate says:

    So excited that you’re back at it with no brace!

  2. Jamie says:

    Your sweater is so cute! Where did you get it?


  4. Good news in your training!! Keep up the recovery!!!

    Didn’t Beyounce look like Tyra Banks??

  5. Molly says:

    Yay for no brace! And yes, Beyonce is the queen.

  6. ok so your parents have what I hope to be my future workout room and you have what I hope to be my future abs…I’m beginning to feel like I want your life ;P Ok except it’s warm in Miami and my husband is pretty cute

  7. Ali says:

    So much great energy radiating out of this post! I love it! For you, a list:
    1. Your parents have a sick workout room.
    2. Can I come over, Mr. & Mrs. Page? I’m an excellent house guest and I will bring my own sweat towels.
    3. BRACE-LESS TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Your baby shower sweater is excellent. Can I have one? TWINSIES!
    5. Just so so happy you’re feeling good.

  8. MILF Runner says:

    Gotta celebrate the absence of brace! Looking good!

  9. Anna says:

    Yay for no brace and happy training! I`m so happy you are back!

  10. RoadBunner says:

    Congratulations on ditching the brace!! Big step in ankle recovery. Your parents have a sweet workout setup!

  11. SO awesome!!! Congrats on the great week!!!

  12. Nicole says:


    All I could think during Beyonce’s performance was that she was wearing lingerie. and has a baby….I think I’m getting old. :/

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