Recognizing The Journey

2012 was a year of firsts. Overcoming fears and tackling the “somedays.”

Sometimes when you’re on the journey to achieving those “somedays”, you don’t quite realize the path that you’re on and what you had truly experienced until it’s over. From zero swimming to over two miles, from zero biking to over 100 miles… it’s amazing what a year can do. But you often don’t see it until you look back and realize that once again, your dad was on to something there… it’s not about the goal, but the journey.


Unlike the prior year, this week I was fully aware of the journey that I was on. It was full of firsts that I immediately recognized and celebrated.

My first “long” run outside without my brace.

My first “long” ride back outside.

Both of these workouts were done solo and started with a bit of trepidation. What happens if I can’t make it that far? Can it hold up without a brace? Do I remember how to shift? The juvenile nay-saying thoughts it my head were there and so was a cautious confidence.


It had rained the night before my run and my overly-cautious self was debating whether or not a run on wet concrete was wise. After all  if I could slip on dry asphalt, I sure as hell could slip on wet concrete. If you can’t tell by now, I’m determined to never injure myself out of pure stupidity again.

I disregarded the concrete as a potential hazard and decided it was ok to run. Low and behold, I was fine. I made my way through six miles of brace-free running and was even pleasantly surprised with my pace. Not where it was in the past, but getting better. I may have even bust out a happy dance when I got home.


The following day, it was time for some QT with Dora. With a little tire-pumping action and re-gathering of all my bike gear, I was physically prepared. Mentally, I still had dubious thoughts. But wouldn’t ya know, I clipped in and found out that riding my bike was just like… well, riding a bike.

I seamlessly hopped on, popped into aero and was reminded of just how much I love riding. It’s a combination of endorphins and adrenaline all supported by an ever-present breeze that just makes you smile. I rode two hours throughout some of the normal routes that I had grown to know quite well and found my place again in the saddle.

With two first both recognized and celebrated, I was on a training high. I smiled, I blabbed on about it and I declared: I’m ready to get back at it.

So tomorrow, doubt your doubts and have confidence in you confidence. And most importantly, don’t forget to celebrate your journey along the way.

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9 Responses to Recognizing The Journey

  1. MILF Runner says:

    I really wanted to hear more about your first BREAD. Did I miss that post?

    I am so glad you’re getting out there and the ankle is cooperating. This is the most heartening news ever!

  2. Anna says:

    That`s what they say, you will always know how to ride your bike. Dora must be really happy to have you back and huge congratulations for having been strong throughout the toughest phase of your injury. Also congrats on the long run and ride! You are coming back!

  3. Aww!! Congrats!!!!! Sounds like you had an EXCELLENT weekend, made even better by realizing how awesome it is that you get to do this and that you ARE doing this!!!!

  4. Nicole says:

    This is awesome! So happy that you are back into training and loving it.

  5. Cate says:

    Love this :) The journey is so fun

  6. Naomi says:

    I. love.! So many words of wisdom – “doubt your doubts and have confidence in you confidence. And most importantly, don’t forget to celebrate your journey along the way.” A good reminder that I needed!

  7. Ther e is SO much joy in the journey…you can’t be an durance athlete and not enjoy the journey along the way. If you don’t, you’re in the wrong sport! Sometimes we have some pitfalls that don’t seem that great, but looking back they make us a better athlete and person…and makes those high times that much better.

  8. Love it!! Keep the postitive attitude coming!!

    YEAH for the first long ride outdoors!!!

  9. Shanda Niles says:

    I love this… “Doubt your doubts and have confidence in your confidence” My new mantra!!

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