Not to detract too far from training, let’s talk about something that kind of goes hand-in-hand: FOOD!

I’m one of those people that posts some of the better food that they’ve just made on Instagram. If you hate it, whatevs, you don’t have to follow me. But I just can’t help being proud of the fact that my zero cooking skills actually resulted in something delicious. It’s a feeling of accomplishment and down right satisfaction. Plus, I usually get a few folks asking for the recipes. Thus, instead of sending them all one by one, I thought I’d do a round up of some of the winners I’ve made recently.

Mexican Quinoa Salad with Spicy Chicken

Untitled Stop what you’re doing and go make this salad. Actually, I don’t even like calling a salad. It’s a bowl full of health perfection topped with a flavor-punch of protein. It’s colorful, filling and a combination of two recipes I found online.

First, the Mexican Quinoa salad (the dressing is what sets it apart). Then, I simply sautéed two chicken breasts with the following spice mixture:

1 tbsp. chili powder
½ tbsp. paprika
¼ tsp. garlic powder
¼ tsp. cayenne pepper
½ tsp. sugar
½ tsp. salt

Top the salad with the dressing (that you hopefully made ahead and refrigerated) and then your chicken. I prefer the salad chilled, but it was great with hot chicken on top as well.

Dairy-Free Banana Pumpkin Oatmeal Honey Bread

Untitled Untitled Whew! That’s a mouthful — and it is in more ways than one. Over-ripe bananas? No problem. Throw them in with what I would guarantee 75 percent of us have in our pantries right now for a hearty, delicious bread that will keep you fed for breakfast for the entire week. You can find the recipe here.

Orzo Vegetable Soup with Pesto

Untitled After cooking quite a few soups this season, I have found that I love when they have pasta in them as it helps fill me up a bit more. However, the noodle size was never quite perfected…until I tried orzo in a soup. It’s hearty enough, but not too much. This soup was a winner because it introduced me to my new soup BFF, but I would just go ahead and add the pesto in instead of dolloping it on top. You can find the recipe here.

Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Untitled Untitled If you can’t tell already, I’m slightly obsessed with The Garden Grazer. I’ve tried three of her recipes thus far and not one has failed me. This one was the double agent of recipes: on the bottom it’s all, “Oh hey. I’m so healthy and will hashtag the hell out of how healthy I am.” But then on top, BAM, cheesy goodness that I broiled to be just slightly crunchy but fully flavorful. You can find the recipe here.

Other recipe winners that I’ve encountered over the month but failed to take a photo of include Baked Gnocchi with Ricotta and Marinara, Slow Cooker Taco Chicken Bowls, Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes and Quinoa Stuffer Peppers (all of which I’ve linked to on my Pinterest account).

Now if only I actually had good food blogging photos…

Any great new recipe discoveries you can share?

Happy Running!

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  1. Jojo says:

    Yum! I love your cooking posts! Going to have to try out that soup :)

  2. I love quinoa! The texture is amazing. I didn’t think to put it in a casserole- definitely trying it out this week.

  3. Kaitlin says:

    Oh my goodness I am feeling the love – thanks my dear!! So so happy you’re enjoying the recipes :)

  4. Leah says:

    I think I’m going to start stalking you on pinterest because we seem to like the exact same foods. I made these last night and they were awesome, simple and easy but super delicious.

  5. The bread and quinoa look awesome! thanks for sharing these as I needed some new food inspiration!

  6. oh the mexican quinoa sounds right up my alley!! I have been testing out a lot of new to me recipes lately…some good…some I ate anyways. :) I’m sure I’ll be sharing recipes soon

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