Lola is currently staring at me with those big brown puppy dog eyes, just begging me to play with her. She desperately needs a haircut and a bath — I feel like the world’s worst puppy mother as I’m opting to write this recap instead. Oh the woes of blog writing. How am I ever to survive?

So here goes week eight:

Mon., 3/4: Swim


2,350 yards followed by a “take a picture but don’t let anyone realize that you’re taking an idiotic selfie.” Selfie, check. Idiotic, double check.

Tues., 3/5: Run


I made my way around town to find a suitable hill for some repeats. I found this little guy but I think I’ll be on the lookout for something else for the next hill repeat session. Nonetheless, gasping for air prior to work never felt so good.

Wed., 3/6: Ride, Run & Swim

I had to move my training around a bit and somehow I managed to do a mini triathlon on Wednesday. Trainer ride, transition run and after work swim. This was the tear off your shirt, pound your fists on your chest and mutter mutant-like ramblings of how you totally feel on top of things right then.

Thurs., 3/7: Ride

And then, after my hulk-like Wednesday, my personal mojo got the best of me as I eeked out a less than stellar trainer ride. Highs and lows, baby, that’s what Ironman training is all about.

Fri., 3/8: Yoga

Let’s get a little blood flow, ankle juice moving around prior to Saturday’s race. I welcomed this easy day with open arms.

Sat., 3/9: Lucky Half Marathon


Woohoo – 13.1 miles for a new post-injury PDR and a confidence boosting pace. Note to self: don’t wave at the camera as you run by or you will get photos like this. At least Caitlin looks cute.


Plus, Lola got to get in a mad shred-sesh while I was running.

Sun., 3/10: Ride & Run


Back to our week of highs and lows, I met up with Cate to do my long ride and transition run. Funny thing happened though: someone filled our shoes with concrete. Those SOBs!  Thankfully, we both weren’t feeling it so I cut my ride short (hint: listen to my body) and felt my ankle and achy hips on the transition run, but at least we ran with the cutest mini-person ever! 

I closed out week 8 with:

9 hours and 24 minutes of training: 
4,750 yards swimming 
69 miles cycling 
22 miles running

30 minutes yoga

Help me feel like not the biggest idiot ever — do you sneak selfies at the pool/gym?

Guilty as charged (I workout by myself — this blog wouldn’t have any photos without them!)

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  1. I always plan on taking a selfie after swimming but end up chickening out every time. One of these times I will do it!

  2. Kelly says:

    It would be helpful if your phone could have a sound setting where the camera didn’t make that click noise when taking photos on the DL.

  3. RoseRunner says:

    I am too paranoid that criminals will steal my iphone while I am under water so I never bring my phone out of the locker. I guess I should be worried about criminals at my locker too…..

  4. Cate says:

    I’m way too chicken to attempt a gym selfie. There are always 909238 people around!

  5. Layla says:

    Check out Inspiration Drive for a Big HIll. Bollinger Canyon at Alcosta is killer, too, but it’s further away.

    I’m a master at stealth photos, but for some reason I don’t take them of myself very often. I’ll try this at the gym soon just for you.

  6. i dunno about taking a picture at my gym. always so many people around :\ Love the picture of Lola at the skate park :)

  7. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t think I’ve done a selfie at the gym or pool. I’m totally going to get on it next week though. And nice job on a great week. I just must be so tiring to be working and doing all of this too.

  8. erin says:

    Thanks for the inspiration to take a post-swim selfie! I felt like a huge nerd, but then realized that no one was even looking :)

    Great week of training, lady!

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