This week was ripe with lingering injury pain, mini bouts of strength, yoga and massage, quality time with the treadmill, challenging hills and a day when you are reminded just how much you love being on two wheels. This is week 11.


Photo courtesy of Coach Paul, five second before my precious last piece of PB&J fell to the ground and I had to make a very serious decision. I ate it.

Mon., 3/25: Strength

Oversleeping = moving your schedule around and just getting in a quick strength training session. The highlight? A Monday evening “hurts so good” sports therapy massage at my chiropractor.

Tues., 3/26: Swim & Hill Repeats

The swims are getting longer and so are the hill repeats. The hill repeats were challenging, but not as much as the foot pain I got at the end of the last repeat. Cue the nerves.

Wed., 3/27: Ride & Swim

Paying close attention to my foot pain, I changed my indoor ride and transition run to a longer indoor ride. Later that night, more time in the water.

Thurs., 3/28: Ride

Another indoor ride. Nice and sweaty, trying to focus on my petal stoke (think oval, not circle).

Fri., 3/29: Long Run


Guilty confession: I’m afraid of running solo in the dark. I will do it only if I know that the majority of my run will be in the light, rather than the other way around. I’ve tried to conquer these fears, but it’s not the night that I’m afraid of, it’s just plain runner safety. If I was with anyone else, it’s not a problem. Just solo running in the pitch black seems unsafe and something I don’t want to risk if I don’t have to.

Thus, with 15 morning miles on tap, I did the unthinkable: I ran 15 treadmill miles. I used to do long runs on the treadmill when I was commuting to my old job, but since then, I have done that sort of mileage on the dreadmill. Thankfully, the ClubSport treadmills all have personal TVs, I had my podcasts, my fuel, and of course, Matt Lauer soon kept me company.

Sat., 3/30: Long Ride

Every so often, you are reminded why you do all of this. This moment came again on Saturday.


75 miles through Morgan Territory, Diablo and beyond, where we climbed for what seemed like an eternity – over 7,700+ in total elevation gain for the day! There were points on the Morgan Territory climb that I thought my bike would actually fall over it was so steep, and the VIEWS, oh the views! I was tempted to stop and take photos, but then I’d have to figure out how to start climbing again and that wouldn’t be a pretty picture.


I heeded Coach Paul’s advice and really focused on getting in the right gear to keep my legs spinning to preserve them, and would you look at that, it worked! I rode for the majority of the ride by myself, just breathing and smiling so hard you could probably hear it. It was challenging, humbling and motivating all at the same time.

I love you cycling.


Oh, and I love you new sushi place that we just found. Thanks for filling my calorie defecit.

Sun., 3/31: Ride with Chicken Face


To top off my cycling high on Saturday, I woke up on Easter morning and made Chicken Face and I breakfast: orange vegan cinnamon rolls (SO, SO GOOD!) and spicy veggie scramble. It was heaven in my mouth.


Just when I thought the morning couldn’t get any better, Chicken Face asked if I wanted to go on a ride. Of course I said YES and we went on our first-ever ride together. 21.5 happy miles for his first “real” ride. I shared a few tips (weight back on the downhill, grip the horns, this is how you signal for debris) and it made my heart wanted to explode! He’s a natural already!

I closed out week 11 with:

13 hours and 33 minutes of training: 
5,800 yards swimming 
125.43 miles cycling 
19.69 miles running
30 minutes strength
15 minutes yoga

While little injuries started to act up again this week, the weekend left me the happiest that I’ve been in a while. There’s nothing quite like finding the joy in what you love again, then sharing it with those you love.

Happy Easter and Happy Running!

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24 Responses to IRONMAN COEUR D’ALENE: WEEK 11

  1. Alyssa says:

    I love this post! I can hear your happiness. Love love.

  2. Happy Easter, Page! It`s great that Chicken Face is such a caring husband and that he even went on a ride with you! I love that! I hope your foot is completely fine again, will you get another massage tonight? Also, your food always looks super delicious I am going to make those Cinnamon Rolls too!
    Happy Easter again, hope you are getting to enjoy a long weekend!

  3. erin says:

    What a wonderful week! Oh, the joy of two wheels… that’s my happy place, (almost) always. Right decision on the PB+J :)

    Maybe I’m a bit too trusting, but I love running outside in the dark! Most of my running this year has been solo after sunset because it’s too much work to get to the dreadmill!

  4. Sarah F says:

    I did my first outdoor ride since last fall yesterday. It was 40 miles of bliss. I too love you cycling. Even though it makes me huff and puff! Nice work out there. It’ll all pay off soon enough!

  5. I’m so glad you had such a good bike ride!!! I love workouts like that that just remind you how much you LOVE what you are doing!!! 20 miles is currently my furthest (farthest…?) bike ride, but I’m hoping to keep gaining! I could never do hills like that, though..I would die. Hills might be my #2 enemy on a bike (second only to strong wind).

    I’m really scared to run in the dark, too…I really need to start running in the mornings again, though, which means heading out at 5:30 and doing most of my run in the pitch dark. My only redeeming thought about it is that I run with my dog and I feel like that makes it a little safer. My first outing is supposed to be tomorrow and I’m already nervous about it.

  6. I’ve only done one ride with my boyfriend because he is so much faster than me but I love going for runs together. Your long ride looks intense but awesome! Keep up this hard work and you are going to KILL IMCDA!

  7. Beth says:

    Looks like a great ride to prep you for those hills in CdA, I hope that foot pain turns out to be nothing!!!

  8. Nicole says:

    What a great week! And what a great pace on your ride despite all those hills!

  9. Kelly says:

    Diablo is awesome. Did you ride all the way to the top? That last 100m before you get to the parking lot is the steepest thing in the world. I have definitely seen people walk their bikes.

  10. love the photo of you on the bike with the PB&J. and with the susi. Such a fun exciting post. I hope the little injuries go away very soon . i would love to go on a ride or run with my husband, but alas, he is not into it. :( and I can’t imagine 15 miles on a treadmill. with a TV? yes, okay, but without. .. oh no. I think the last time I did a treadmill for a long run, I watched my old Care Bears DVD at my parents house.

  11. Emily says:

    Yup, I may have eaten pb&j off the ground. Good thing it was yours to begin with. 15 miles on the dread mill! Well done, I can hardly stand 10 minutes on those things.

  12. WOW 15 miles on the deathmill…that is a lot! I would rather run in the cold, dark, and rain than do a long run on the TM! Nice job on the ride! Perfect prep for CDA!!

  13. Rena says:

    That’s so cute how your husband wants to spend time with you by riding. I am actually starting to consider training for an ironman, but I am a terrible swimmer. And I also don’t know how to find a coach. How did you find yours?

  14. This all makes me want to move to California because spring is lingering at 40 degrees here in NYC and that is NOT spring weather.

    Congrats on a solid week and I hope the foot pain stays away!

  15. Awesome ride, and amazing running! You’re going to crush those coeur d’alene hills! I’m so jealous you’re out riding in shorts and a jersey!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that your foot was just sending you a little reminder and nothing more!

  16. Teeny says:

    Always looking for new eats to try in the bay area… What sushi restaurant did you go to?

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