Week 12 was what I call “flexible” with some great wins along the way. Flexible in the sense that I didn’t get in a traditional long ride, but winning because of a run that reminded me just how much I love running, swimming three times in a week (given that I tend to loathe swimming), oh, and MY NEW NEPHEW!

Here’s a look at week 12:

Mon., 4/1: Swim & Strength

Some morning strength compliments of my DVD collection and an evening swim. We’re finally getting into lengthier pool swims: 3,400 yards of staring at the blue line and talking to myself. Oh the conversations I have…

Tues., 4/2: Run & Swim

There’s nothing quite like morning mile repeats and given that I haven’t done them in forever, I love, love, loved it. I’m getting antsy to work on my speed rather than endurance, but Coach Paul is always reminding me of our strategy to get to that end goal. Patience, grasshopper. Morning miles were followed by 3,000 yards in the pool later that evening.

Wed., 4/3: Yoga, Ride & Run Brick

It’s Wednesday which means a short indoor ride and run brick! Pretty standard folks…

Want to know how to make the workday that much more bearable? Sneak out for a 45 minute lunch yoga break. I’ve never taken a lunch yoga class before and my oh my, it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Thurs., 4/4: Strength, Yoga, Swim, Ride


Now that I typed that all out, how in the hell did I fit that all in on Thursday? Don’t be too impressed, it was a short yoga and strength session, but I still consider it a win – especially given the fact that I dragged my ass to the pool for the third time. This Ironman stuff is starting to get real…

Fri., 4/5: Long Run


I took Friday off of work as Chicken Face and I were headed to Reno in anticipation of my sister’s baby. I planned it so I could get my long run in before we left and it was simply perfection.

Overcast, a great route for 16 miles, properly fueled, no gut issues, no ankle issues, no knee issues and even a few friends to keep me company along the way:


I didn’t push too hard and was happy with my longest post-injury run to date and the pace that is slowly but surely getting back to where I used to be. I’m still smiling thinking about this run.

Sat., 4/6: Ride


Saturday was supposed to be the day Kaleb arrived, but as we should have guessed, the labor plans didn’t go as planned. Thus, when we knew that it wasn’t going to be happening for a while, Chicken Face headed back to the house to finish some homework and I hopped on the trainer for two hours. After our mini breaks, it was back to the hospital to wait for Kaleb.

Sun., 4/7: Waiting…


…all day, all night, with Netflix and Arrested Development at our side – we waited at the hospital for Baby Kaleb. But man oh man, it was worth it…


I closed out week 12 with:

12 hours and 44 minutes of training:
8,600 yards swimming (the most in this training cycle thus far)
57.34 miles cycling 
25.87 miles running
50 minutes strength
1 hour and 15 minutes yoga

Happy Running!

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  1. You’ve turned into a fish! I’m impressed with the strength and yoga you still got in this week on top of everything else- that’s awesome!
    I’d also be lying if I didn’t say I am a little jealous of your gorgeous run! Looks amazing.

  2. Nice job with the long run! Looks like your training is going smoothly :) Love the pictures too!!

  3. Cate says:

    Congratulations, Auntie Page :)
    You’re so good about strength training… I just cannot make myself do it! (I even downloaded that Nike app, and STILL never do it…blah)

  4. congrats on the new family member!! Looks like a great week of training and I’m still jealous that coming back from an injury your run kicks my runs ass…you look out though I’m working on it! Of course if you keep feeling better this could be a problem…I’m going to need you to stop improving so I can catch up :)

  5. My arms are sore thinking of all the swimming you have done this week. I honestly don’t know how I survived competitive swimming. I can barely work my way up to a 1200 without floating on my back praying for it to end. haha.

    Great job on the long runs!!

    And a warm welcome to baby Kaleb. :)

  6. AWESOME long run! You are going to back to your pre-injury self any day now! Keep up the hard work girl :)

  7. Nice job on the run! That must be so exciting that you are feeling good…and no aches and pains!!!

  8. erin says:

    Welcome to auntiehood, Page! My niece Finley arrived two months ago, and it’s the very best :)

    Great week, and great long run! You are FAST! Ahhh, lunch yoga! I need to add that back to my routine.

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