We are 60 days out folks — 60 DAYS!!!

Aside from me being totally baffled that race day is so close and it’s consuming all of my free mental space, it’s also starting to consume all of my free time. Thus, a very delayed week 13 and week 14 recap. Plus, my other sister found out that she too is pregnant and I’m going to be an aunt again this November! Ahh, the excitement!

So let’s not waste any time — I’ll try to keep this short and simple.

Week 13

Mon., 4/8: Core & Yoga

Tues., 4/9: Run & Swim


This week was a week of watch issues. For whatever reason, my Garmin 910XT has been having a serious attitude problem lately. That run and swim marker it was supposed to get when I hit lap? Ya, it missed it. Needless to say I went on a data rant in my Training Peaks notes.

Wed., 4/10: Ride/Run & Swim

At this point in training, the volume is increasing and the workouts are just that…workouts. Another ride and transition run followed by another post-work swim. Nothing too crazy here.

Thurs., 4/11: Swim/Ride

Pretty standard.

Fri., 4/12: Long Run


Mmmmm…sweat. GROSS LOLA!

Fail. Fail. Major freaking fail. Why is that you ask? Well, don’t ever try to eat a big lunch, work all day in a cube, then run in 80 degree heat on a Friday evening. A sure-fire recipe for disaster and I had to cut my long run short as my shoes filled with concrete were no longer enjoyable.

Sat., 4/13: Long Ride

80 miles around, through and over Patterson Pass, but this time we had a new friend with us: WIND. Hey concrete shoes from yesterday! Why don’t you and the wind go hang out with someone else?! You’re not welcome here! (Ya, ya, I know it’ll make you stronger).


Post-ride, I actually brushed my hair and went to celebrate my cousin and her boyfriend’s birthday.

Sun., 4/14: Rest

I closed out week 13 with:

13 hours and 17 minutes of training:
7,800 yards swimming
103.21 miles cycling 
18.72 miles running
25 minutes strength

Week 14

Mon., 4/15: Core & Lower Body

Tues., 4/16: Run & Swim <3


Mile repeats for Boston. It’s all for Boston.

I also sported my Boston jacket at work, which is a company that has a pretty strict/dated dress code (of which, I am always pushing the limits).

Wed., 4/17: Ride/Run

Getting sweaty on the trainer.

Thurs., 4/18: Yoga, Ride, Swim

More sweat on the trainer and the usual swim.

Fri., 4/19: Yoga & Open Water Swim


We’re back in open water action folks! And remember all that complaining I was doing about my swim pace? Well it turns out that open water swimming does wonders on my pace. Hallelujah!

Sat., 4/20: Open Water Swim & Long Run


We met back at Shadow Cliffs for another open water swim followed by a 13 mile long run. We were swimming a longer OW workout and despite my drills, the anxiety came back for a bit in the beginning. I just let everyone pass me, flipped on my back and just talked to myself. I gave myself time and was soon able to get ahold of my heart rate and have an awesome open water swim. Oh yes, and we can’t forget 13 miles in the California spring heat.

Sun., 4/21: Yoga & Double Brick


Just another normal load.

Mother-freaking-double-brick in almost 90 degree heat. 40 mile ride, 35 minute run, 40 mile ride, 30 minute run — seems normal enough right? HA! The heat and I are still learning to get along, and I’m still learning how to train solo. This season is much different than last as I always had a few training buddies to ride with last season. While I am doing group workouts this season, I usually end up riding alone and talking to myself for hours on end.

I struggled through the second brick, but with the help of God’s gift to cyclists (ehem…Pringles), I was able to pull through, finish strong and take pride in a challenging training day. The rest of the evening consisted of my ass planted firmly on the couch.

I closed out week 14 with:

15 hours and 17 minutes of training:
10,212 yards swimming (the most in this training cycle thus far)
101.53 miles cycling 
29 miles running
30 minutes strength
1 hour and 15 minutes yoga

So there you have it, two long weeks recapped in the quickest way possible. Tell me I’m not the only crazy one with piles upon piles of water bottles? Chicken Face thinks I’m crazy.

Happy Running!

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18 Responses to IRONMAN COEUR D’ALENE: WEEK 13 &14

  1. JenJ says:

    Girl, you’re doing amazing!!!! So impressive also that you didn’t let your last injury get you down and went straight back into training. I’m rooting for ya over here in the gray and rainy UK (where I wish I had 80 degree heat as an excuse not to run). 😉 Keep it up!

  2. Those are some serious numbers! You are going to come back & do AMAZING in CDA with this training!

  3. christa says:

    I have toooons of water bottles. oh and a special dishwashing brush to get them clean since I can’t squeeze my hands down in them. it drives my husband nuts!
    keep up the awesome training!

  4. we keep collecting water bottles but I can’t figure out why so I recycle them and then more appear. we only have two mouths, we can’t drink from 22 bottles. :)

    Way to go on another awesome week!! Hey I’d love to feature you on my runner spotlight one week if you are interested??? I wouldn’t say this is a total way for me to pick your brain about how to get faster…but it might be ;P

    So glad the ankle is holding up well!

  5. Nice job Page! Great week. That’s a lot of swimming! And maybe this is silly, but do you wash your helmet in the dishwasher or was it just placed there for the picture?

  6. girl, I am tired just reading about your training schedule. and secretly jealous. so amazing that one person can do so much, word so hard for that goal. i love it! your are going to rock the iron man!

    I have about 5 water bottles that get rotated. and yeah, the Hubs is a wee bit concerned when they get scattered all over the counter.

  7. Emily says:

    Haha, we have a ridiculous about of bottles, too. And we don’t even use them anymore!

    It was soooo freakin’ hot! I barely made it through my “long” run. Duke likes to lick my sweaty legs when I come back. Eww, dog.

  8. Nicole says:

    Solid training weeks!!!

    I also hate wind!!!

  9. Looks like you are cruising right along with your training! Keep it up!! 60 days will be here before you know it!!
    I have a ton of bottle..including 2 that you have! :)

  10. Beth says:

    Looks like a solid couple of weeks! You are definitively not crazy, my hubby and I are both in training so we rarely can find room for both of our bottles, fuel etc.

  11. Jen says:

    You are such an inspiration!! I’m training for a little Olympic tri and am in AWE of your weekly mileage. Do you wash your helmet? Am I supposed to be doing that? Oops :)

  12. Less than 60 days- wow.
    Your training looks incredible. You will be more than ready come June 23!
    Think of our water bottle piles with two of us training for this crazy thing!!

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