When it rains, it pours. But I’m totally in love with the downpour that is life right now.

Alongside with a few personal things that have been pushing me, challenging me and making see things a new perspective, training has been doing just the same. Week 15 was light leading up to the Eugene half marathon and week 16 was lighter in the beginning allowing for a little recovery, followed by a new level of challenge that I haven’t felt in a while. We’re getting close folks…

Week 15

Mon., 4/22: Swim

Tues., 4/23: Yoga & Run

Pretty standard, except the run was an interval run on the treadmill which I haven’t done in a while. And yes, if we are on a treadmill next to each other, we are racing. Guilty as charged.

Wed., 4/24: Indoor Ride & Transition Run

Thurs., 4/25: Indoor Ride & Swim


Another ridiculous swimming selfie. Note the new TYR tri top I got from Left Lane!

Fri., 4/26: Run

Both Friday and Saturday were short runs with a series of pick-ups (short bursts of speed to wake the body and lungs up. These are my coach’s pre-race workouts of choice:

35′ Run @ Zone 2 with 6 x 30″ LVL8 (Zone 5a) Pick Ups (1′ Easy RI) in the middle of this run.

Sat., 4/27: Run

Shakeout run with the blogger mania that was at Eugene. So many nice runner babes that I creep but now say that I have officially met in person.


Sun., 4/28: Race Day!


13.1 miles through the city of Eugene ending on Hayward field. You can check out the entire race recap here.

I closed out week 15 with:

9 hours and 14 minutes of training:
7,000 yards swimming
36.75 miles cycling 
29 miles running
45 minutes yoga

Week 16

Mon., 4/29: Rest Day & Travel Home

You’d think that because Eugene is on the west coast, it would be easy to fly in and out of. Not so. I spent the morning at a cafe then the rest of the day traveling home. When are we getting those super bullet trains in America?!

Tues., 4/30: Swim


The final miles of the race were chock-full of rollers, leaving my quads a bit chewed up. I opted to skip the run and solely swim at Club Sport. Nothing one more day of rest couldn’t solve.

Wed., 5/1: Ride & Transition Run

Standard stuff here, folks.

Thurs., 5/2: Indoor Ride & Swim

The sun was out in full force and so were all the pool newbies. What are you all doing in the pool?!?! Come when it’s freezing outside and then we’re cool. But for now, you and your itty-bitty-bikini are taking up precious lanes and I really would rather not circle swim around you. Harumph.

Fri., 5/3: Rest

Working in the city meant an impromptu rest day. Does shooting hoops at the Adobe basketball court count as cross training? (Yes, I know I’m not even close.)


Sat., 5/4: Long Ride & Transition Run

Heeeey-yo 90 miles in 90 degree heat, including climbing both Mt. Diablo and Morgan Territory. But here’s the crazy thing: I actually ate and drank enough this ride and felt pretty good. Or maybe it was my secret weapon…



Pringles might be the cycling fountain of youth on a hot day. Just trust me on this one.
What’s that? You mean you don’t take your bike through CVS to get more food too?

Sun., 5/5: Open Water Swim & Run

“Where you going?”
“Yup. See you at 1.”

3,000 open water yards with no anxiety (hurrah!) followed by the longest run that I have done in a loooong time: 18 miles. I didn’t get any great mileage in last season because of my knee injury and knowing that I could do this was a huge mental boost. However, running 18 miles as a season PDR, after a 90 mile ride and a 3,000 yard swim, plus forgetting my fuel in the car left me struggling. By the time I finished, you could pull the fork out of my back because I was D-O-N-E.

I closed out week 16 with:

13 hours and 15 minutes of training:
8,828 yards swimming
117.4 miles cycling 
23 miles running

So I have to admit, I feel completely ridiculous taking so many selfies. But I train by myself 90% of the time and I’d feel like I wouldn’t have anything to post without them. So tell me A) Nah, it’s cool, keep the selfies coming, or B) Cool it with the selfies girlfriend.

Happy Running!

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23 Responses to IRONMAN COEUR D’ALENE: WEEK 15 &16

  1. Holly KN says:

    A. Post those selfish proudly! All that training is hard work – doubly so if you do it solo. So selfie away! [Plus, photos make blog posts more interesting. I’m sure it’s been studied and proven.]

    But this begs the question…Who did you pay to take the Pringles photo for you? 😉

  2. Asia says:

    A) selfie! selfie!

  3. Jean says:

    Nah, selfies are great! Everyone feels like a tool taking them but, to be honest, we all enjoy seeing them. Or is that just me? Doubt it.

    I’m not trying to diminish your awesome Eugene race AT ALL because you obviously killed it, but I love the guy running next to you in that picture. He kind of looks like he’s wearing cargo shorts and, with those glasses, is on his way home from the library.

  4. Julie says:

    I”m all for the selfies! You actually inspired me to start taking selfies while I”m training. Tomorrow is one month until my first tri and I have lots of embarrassing swim/bike/run pics to show for it!

  5. J says:

    i am horrible at selfies too and i feel really awkward doing them. I love pringles – I used to eat them (salt and vinegar pringles specifically) after my basketball games in college to help me intake salt after sweating so much. Best stuff ever.

  6. Kat says:


  7. Jessica B. says:

    It’s YOUR blog so selfie away! Also ok because I do it all the time. I don’t have any pictures for a post so I take pictures of myself :)

  8. Lisa says:

    Love the selfies, keep them coming. I really enjoy reading your posts and think you are pretty amazing xx

  9. Corey says:

    They let you bring your bike into CVS?! How awesome is that?!!!

  10. Beth says:

    No shame in selfies, looks like a great couple weeks of training. You are surviving peak training like a champ!

  11. Molly says:

    Selfies are almost as awesome as Pringles, so I vote yes. :-)

  12. Kimra says:

    I’m not an across-the-board fan of selfies, but yours crack me up, so I say keep ’em coming.

    I need to pick your brain on East Bay cycling routes!

  13. Jana says:

    Or C) Just tell Jana when and where to be with her camera and I will take action shots of the super star!

  14. Kim says:

    Nice work, Page!!! CDA is SO CLOSE! I love your gripes with folks clogging your lanes in their itsy bitsy bikini’s, I get so fired up about that too!

  15. I say keep the selfies coming! I even did one in the gym this past weekend and referenced your blog when I posted it! It made me feel less silly. Here’s the selfie post:

    And wow. 90 miles + 3000 meters + 18 miles is amazing. Now that I’ve bought a bike and realize how much I love riding I’m already gearing up for my first triathlons and know there’s at least a half ironman in my somewhat near future. Love these training logs.

  16. Nicole says:

    I told you we all love the selfies! Nice work on two solid weeks – you are getting SO close! I wish that CdA wasn’t even harder to get to than Eugene otherwise I’d be there in a heart beat :)

  17. Shirin says:

    Keep the selfies coming!

  18. Love the selfies!!!

    i want to get in that pool. . . .

  19. Kelly says:

    My real question is how you get the selfies from far away — did you get someone to take a picture of you in CVS?

  20. Mari says:

    Of course (A). Gotta love a store that lets you take your bike through. I’m sure you didn’t want to leave an expensive piece of equipment out in the lot.

  21. You are kicking butt with training! Can’t believe how much training you did on Saturday and Sunday. So happy everything is going so well!
    And the outdoor pool looks INCREDIBLE! So jealous!
    Lastly (A) Love the selfies!

  22. erin says:

    Selfies always! I want to swim in that pool! I cannot wait until the outdoor pools open here. Also, I brought my bike into a gas station once last summer, and the cashier yelled at me. Surely he was jealous he wasn’t out riding :) Super duper couple weeks of training!

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