Ironman Coeur d’ Alene: Week 17 & 18

The past two weeks have been nothing but packed and exciting! I got my five seconds of fame when I was quoted in the WSJ for an article on cycling (it’s one line, but I’ll take it) and I was honored to be featured as Amanda’s runner spotlight.

Training included two 20 mile runs, a surprisingly difficult triathlon, my longest swim and ride EVER, and that one time where I almost did an entire Ironman in one weekend.

I’ll try to keep this brief…

Week 17

Mon., 5/6: Rest/Yoga

I may be resting, but I’m super pumped to have won this Vega contest. WAHOOOO vegan protein! I’ve been using their Recovery Accelerator and holy amazing, why wasn’t I using this stuff from the beginning?! I can’t wait to test the rest of their goodies.


Tues., 5/7: Run

Wed., 5/8: Swim

Thurs., 5/9: Long Run

With my weekend triathlon on the horizon, my schedule got all screwed up and I  manage to convince two suckers…ehem…friends, to run 20 miles with me pre-work. This was the longest run I had done in quite a while. With my knee injury, I didn’t even get up to this mileage while training for IMAZ. I was beyond happy for the company and the fact that I had run 20 miles. My hips were complaining by the end, but I was still all smiles.

Fri., 5/10: Yoga

A few personal things came up that forced me to take a rest day and just get in a quick yoga session.

Sat., 5/11: Folsom International Triathlon


Oh yes, the triathlon that I didn’t see coming. I was so happy to see my family, my nephew and to have taken 3rd in my age group, but you can read all about that here.

Sun., 5/12: Open Water Swim & Long Ride

Nothing like getting up early to get your open water swim on followed by 100 miles in my new SOAS race kit. I can’t get over how much I love these kits (you don’t want to hear what happened to my ass when I tried padded shorts again…)


Last year, I trained with two buddies: Ilona and Jared. I hadn’t seen Ilona in what feels like forever, so when she offered to join me on my long ride I knew we were in for a gab-fest. And that’s just what we did: cycled and gossiped. It was awesome.

When she stopped at 75 miles, all I wanted to do was call it a day. But of course, I knew I couldn’t. I made my way and completed 25 more solo miles. My trophy for my first 100 mile ride of the season? This sunburn that turned into a second degree, bubbly, oozing, sleep on a towel, gross mess:


I closed out week 17 with:

15 hours of training:
7,240 yards swimming
125.28 miles cycling 
29.24 miles running
47 minutes yoga

Week 18

Mon., 5/13: Rest

I’ve never loved rest days as much as I do now.

Tues., 5/14: Recovery Run

What was supposed to be a tempo workout was turned into an “OMG my legs are so freaking heavy I hope I can just shuffle through this” run.

Wed., 5/15: Indoor Ride & Transition Run

Pretty standard, indoor trainer ride and run. Wooooo…


I also went into the city for a Luna Bar event for their new carrot cake flavor and met Jacqueline. Is it just me, or is this vending machine completely normal? In fact, it’s just a fancy version of my desk drawers. Well, way fancier, but I’m sure I stock the same quantity of Luna Bars:


Proof that I only wear my hair in top knots these days. It’s the easiest way to pretend like you care.

Thurs., 5/16: Pool Swim

I skipped a bike workout – guilty as charged! However, I hadn’t hung out with Chicken Face in what seemed like ages, so I felt like some husband and wife time was much needed (and well worth the trade-off). I’ll take a quick swim instead.

Fri., 5/17: Yoga, Core & Open Water Swim

I haven’t seen anxiety’s face around in a while, it must be my restraining order against him. Excellent.


Post-swim, I slapped on some new Nike tights for only the finest date night apparel.

Sat. – Sun., 5/18 – 5/19: My “Almost” Ironman


Saturday was my longest ride EVER! 110 miles was on the schedule, but come on now, I had to go the extra two for a new PDR and to see what it felt like. Thankfully, I rode a majority of the time with some guys from the group who kept my mind off of the fact that I was riding 112 freaking miles!

After I finished the ride I wondered how in the hell I was going to run a full marathon after that. But as Coach Paul reminds me, I’m putting trust in the taper

Sunday was another early morning with my longest open water swim ever (2.46 miles) and my second 20 mile run. When Tom and I started the run, I questioned how we would survive 20 miles in the heat. But taking it slow and steady with plenty of fuel and commiserating got us through it.

I couldn’t help but to think that over the weekend, with tired legs, I was only 6 miles short of an Ironman! I’m more excited than ever and I celebrated this achievement by eating this same braised tofu bowl three times in one weekend:


I closed out week 18 with:

15 hours and 13 minutes of training:
8,819 yards swimming
123.5 miles cycling 
28.49 miles running
45 minutes yoga
15 minutes core

We are getting so close.
Happy Running!

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18 Responses to Ironman Coeur d’ Alene: Week 17 & 18

  1. As a fellow redhead I know way too much about bad sunburns. I was actually hospitalized once because I was burned so badly plus had an allergic reaction to my suntan lotion. The result: second degree burns, almost a month of peeling, and being so swollen I could only wear sweats for a week. Lesson learned!

    • Lisa says:

      Yikes, that’s a nasty sunburn. I hope it healed quickly. I’ve been following your blog for a few months, but this is the first time I’ve commented. I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Soas Racing. I’m getting ready for my first triathlon in June and just ordered a Soas tri kit. I almost never buy something online without being able to try it on in store first, so that tells you how much I love their awesome designs. Anyway, thanks for the great blog!

  2. Lisa says:

    Ooops, I didn’t mean to post that as a reply to Shannon!

  3. Molly says:

    Man, you are dedicated. I don’t think I could ever spend 15 hours a week training for anything. Can’t wait to see how you fare on race day!

  4. Shirin says:

    Totally agree with Molly…you’re going to kill it on race day!! :)

  5. alyssa says:

    I really want that tofu bowl. Great work, Page!! Soooo stoked for you.

  6. I cringe looking at that sunburn, I just want to dunk in a vat of aloe vera gel seeing that picture. I hope it heals quickly and the pain fades fast. :(

    My jaw is hanging open from the insanity that is your weekly workouts. I am in awe of you and your strength/determination and sheer grit to just get the training down.

    You are going to rock that Iron Man.

    Sometimes when I workout quite a bit and paint late into the night, I feel guilty for not spending time with my husband. He understands, on some level, and supports my passion, but it’s still hard focus on all aspects of ones life without going a little crazy. haha.

  7. That’s incredible you almost did an Ironman this weekend! Way to go! I’m sure that gave you the confidence to know you’ll rock Coeur d’Alene!
    I’m not going to get in the full ride this time, which kind of makes me nervous! And I definitely won’t get in any runs longer than a half marathon. But, so long as I get to the start line somewhat healthy, I’ll be happy!
    Ooh- that sunburn looks brutal. Is it better now? Take care in the sun!

  8. craig says:

    OK…you need to take care of your skin. Slather, cover up or whatever you need to do.

    I’m curious to know what you think a slow pace was for your 20 miler. I have a feeling it’s much faster than my own fast pace.

  9. Kelly says:

    That is why I hate wearing tanktops on the bike. Too much collateral damage!

  10. Allison says:

    Hi Page! I love your training updates for giving a realistic picture of what IM takes! I hope to get there one day. When you ride on the trainer, do you swap out your back tire for a trainer-specific one? I feel so bad for wearing mine down but then I just avoid the trainer…

  11. Monika says:

    omg your sunburn!! :o( Besides that it sounds like your training has been going great!

  12. Cate says:

    I am getting so freaking excited for you!!! And I selfishly can’t wait til you can do short little bricks with me again :)

  13. Nicole says:

    You are so speedy on the bike! I can’t wait to track you on race day.

    Congrats on getting through all those tough workouts – you are nearly in the home stretch!!!!

    PS you eat way too healthy for ironman training. I stuffed my face with huge burritos, pizza , pastries and icecream like it was my job. Haha!

  14. That is some amazing training! Love to be able to bike some miles like that at some point. Nice job!

  15. Sunburn! Yikes! Do you need a burn nurse? Let me know, I’ll be on my way ASAP!

    I once rode for 45 miles (crazy!) and can’t imagine 112. And by “can’t imagine,” I mean, “I can’t imagine how much my butt would hurt.


  16. Kimra says:

    So wait … SOAS kits = better than regular padded bike shorts for the nether regions? BRB, ordering some. I am not kidding. I have heard they were comfortable, but I assumed that meant “as comfortable as riding for 112 miles on basically a piece of moleskin can be” vs actually comfy.

    Your training sounds so awesome. Kudos.

  17. erin says:

    You are SO ready for 140.6! Great couple weeks of training! That sunburn… yeeeouch! Hope it’s healing!

    We just bought two tubs of Vega Sport protein (on sale at WF!). I’m thinking the same thing… why haven’t I been training with this the entire time?!!

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