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With the realization that my body is going to need the full six weeks to recover, I put the kibosh on any further traditional form of exercising until next week…


I say “traditional” because in a few hours, I’ll be back in the great state of Nevada for my sister-in-law’s wedding, which will surely ensure an exaggerated amount of dancing and make-up melting sweat. This also means that I get to see Chicken Face for the first time since I left California – the excitement is a little overwhelming!

On the topic of “overwhelming,” I thought I would broach the subject of “what’s next.” It’s a natural question and one that I always find myself asking everyone after they’ve finished a big goal, even though I know that probably shouldn’t be the first thing out of my mouth.

Truth be told, I’ve been thinking about “what’s next” since I was in Ironman training. And if we’re being completely honest here, I’ll just go ahead and tell you: yes, I absolutely want to do another Ironman. I feel like when most people finish an Ironman, they go one of two ways:

  1. Never. Again.
  2. I’m an endorphin junkie (and bat shit crazy); sign me up!

I am clearly number two.

In my consideration set were Ironman Boulder (brand new) and Ironman Austria (as it’s know to be one of the easiest courses and a great vacation). But as I look out at the next year, I know that this one is far from normal. I moved to a new state, am now in a long distance relationship with my own husband and its critical that I recognize my life priorities.

This year, those priorities rest within being stellar at my brand new dream job and any time that I do have with my husband (which is once or twice a month), I need to focus on my time with him. Granted, he is insanely busy with working full time and going to grad school so I will be able to get in some training time, but I cannot commit to being gone every weekend, for six hours a day, and putting Ironman over our relationship. In fact, I practically did that for two full Ironman training cycles (IMAZ and IMCDA) and it put a fair amount of strain on the relationship.

But this doesn’t mean that I’m not going to train for something – that just wouldn’t be me. Instead, I’d like to focus on the following:


Marathon PR: My marathon PR is old, outdated, and to run with my newly-minted “I can do anything” mentality, not a reflection of what I’m capable of. When I got my current marathon PR, I was working in the city, commuting 1.5 hours each way, and was doing all of my training on a treadmill at 4:30 in the morning. The quality was shit and I’ve learned so much about the importance of intention and diligence. Plus, if I use the McMillan Calculator with my half marathon PR, I believe that I can be capable of a sub 3:15. Granted, Ironman is about endurance rather than speed, of which I’ve lost a lot, so a lot of hard work is ahead of me.


Half Marathon PR: Hitting 1:30:07 and then 1:30:20 might have been the two most frustrating races ever. Granted, I wasn’t training for a sub-1:30 in either of those races, but I was just so close! Thus, the hunt will be on to break 1:30. Now to find the perfect flat, net-downhill race.


Half Ironman: I know what you’re thinking, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, I thought you just said no Ironmans.” But hear me out, I now know what two time commitments and training volumes look like for various race types and I believe that this one is doable. I also know that I said I need to focus on my time with Chicken Face; however, I also mentioned that he is slammed at school. Whenever we see each other, there will be his “I have to do homework/group project/etc.” time and I will use it as my training time. It would be completely manageable to get in this training while we are apart and together. Plus, I’d like to see if we can break 5:15.


Trail Running: While there is no specific goal in mind for this, it’s a no brainer that not only is trail running amazing, but it makes you incredibly strong. Someday I’d like to do a 50K and a 50 miler, but I’m not quite sure when yet. I’m open to race suggestions as I work to map out the future.


So with all of these “what’s next” ideas firmly planted in my head, what ones have I actually laid out my money for? Well, I’ll be running the California International Marathon (CIM) on December 8th and will eagerly be fighting for that new PR. I think everyone and their mother are running this race, so you probably should too. I’m also considering Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3, but wanted to ask you all: what races should I do to meet these goals?

And more importantly, what’s next for you?

Happy Running!

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42 Responses to What’s Next

  1. Sounds like you have a great plan for yourself and attainable goals! I’m not sure what to suggest for races since I don’t live in your area, but I hope you find some fast courses. I am just focusing on having fun with my running currently and throwing in some 5ks here and there.

  2. genna says:

    wow! Congrats on such hard life decisions! Good luck to you and your husband :)
    I Can’t even fathom a PR of that extent for me but home to get there one day. You will rock it. As ironman training may have taken some speed away, it has increased your endurance which I am sure will increase your speed soon!
    Good luck and I can’t wait to follow along

  3. ohhh those are fun goals and yes bat shit crazy is the appropriate language for most of us who do endurance events. I love your priorities!!! how long do you have to live apart??

  4. Nicole says:

    I like all your goals and I think it’s wise to take a break from the full ironman especially with all you have going on right now! Doesn’t mean you can’t go for one in 2015 or any year after that! :)

    I know you have it in you to crush 3:15 at CIM! Can’t wait to follow the training and *hopefully* this means we can both run Boston 2015 given that I get my act together next year :)

    And i’m sure yous aw Oceanside already sold out! I’m still considering a 1/2 next year too but I’m not excited about shipping the bike…. hmm TBD but I looked up Lake Stevens and it looks nice!

    We’re doing our first trail run this year! Probably a Ragnar Trail Relay in November!

    • PageWilliams says:

      Le sigh, I had a feeling it would sell out. Everything is going faster and faster these days. Let’s put LS on the “serious” list.

      And yes! I would probably do Boston again…it’s time :)

  5. It’s an exciting time to kind of sit back and think about what’s next, right?!

    I think those all sound like awesome options!

    I did my first 50k in June and immediately knewI wanted to run a 50 miler. I signed up to run on in November!!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Watching your journey to IM has been so inspiring and I can’t wait to follow you on your next adventure. Good luck!

  7. I was supposed to start marathon training last weekend but ran a 1/2 too soon after “recovering” from injury, so I’m sitting out two weeks of running. Cross training in the mean time until I can start running for CIM :)

    I love the what’s next post. There is always soo much work, so much build up and craziness until you cross that finish line/goal and then there is the “what next” looming over head. That’s how I felt after my 3rd 1/2 marathon. That’s why I signed up for the full. Ah!

    I think the goals you set for yourself are doable :) There are 1/2s everywhere you can train for. Keeping in decent triathlete shape would be my only concern. But I think you’ll have that in the bag.

  8. Caroline says:

    It sounds like you have enough fun goals to keep you busy while also making the time for your relationship when you two are together!

  9. Shirin says:

    Wow, Page! Like everyone has said above, it looks like you are really taking it head on to balance your new life and some fun goals. Good luck!! PS – I’m finally training for my first full marathon, the NWM San Francisco.

  10. Mary says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who looks for net downhill races!

  11. Erin says:

    Your goals (except for the marathon and the times) were very similar to mine after my first Ironman. Trust me, training for a HIM is so much simpler. You can get in quality training and still have a good chunk of your day because your longest ride will only be 4 hrs max.

    HIMs that could be fun include Vineman, Boise, Lake Stevens, Boulder (you can see me!).

    I have a similar post IMCDA thing. Trail running, some fun local races, Ragnar, a HIM in November. And the IM Boulder because I apparently have something wrong with me. As a CO native, I just couldn’t say no.

    • PageWilliams says:

      Glad to hear that you think it’s doable. I did Vineman last year, so Boise and Boulder are definitely in the consideration set. Time to just have some fun, and OF COURSE you had to do IMB…I would too if I lived there :) Good luck!

  12. Christie says:

    Lake Stevens was my first 70.3 distance last year and I did it this year… still in love with the course. It has been my favorite of all the 70.3 distances thus far. Do that one next year so I can meet you! 😀

  13. Kristina says:

    I think the “what’s next” question is natural, and figuring it out can be hard. Sounds like you’re ready to focus on some ambitious yet very attainable goals.
    I just completed my 2nd HIM, and I’m trying to decide if a full for next year is doable or not.

  14. I love how smart you are being with you new goals. It is important to not forget about our spouses when we area training. I am pretty guilty about that. I love to race, but my husband doesn’t run so sometimes I feel guilty about ditching him on the weekends to go off and run with my girlfriends.

    CIM is a course that I hold close to my heart because I had my marathon PR on that course back in 2011. I would love to go back someday and run it again, but the marathon and I have decided to take a time of separation. You are going to have an amazing year no matter what!

    • PageWilliams says:

      I know how you feel as Chicken Face doesn’t race either, but I think it’s a balance in our time and encouraging our spouses to do what they love. Come back to CIM and thanks for the support!

  15. All that endurance training you did for the Ironman will let you focus more on speed now. I don’t know why but I get frustrated with the people who train for one Ironman and then never do triathlons again, even shorter ones. Glad to hear more are in your future :)

  16. Kelly says:

    Oh man, I think I’m going to have to decide to do CIM. EVERYONE is doing it.

  17. Good for you for prioritizing your marriage. I’m training for my first marathon, and I had no idea how much time it would take. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t see my husband until bedtime. Plus, as a reader who doesn’t do triathlons, I’m excited to see you returning to the marathon distance!

    • PageWilliams says:

      Thanks for the honest feedback — I appreciate it! And yes, this hobby of ours is time consuming and it’s difficult to balance, but I think it is doable. Good luck on your marathon!

  18. Kristen L says:

    Exciting that you have made some new goals! It can be so fun to dream about what’s next. Good luck with breaking your half and full marathon PRs!

  19. Alisa says:

    Rev3 Half Portland 2014…you can sleep in your own bed and you’ll be treated to an amazingly beautiful (and mostly shaded, counts if it is hot out) bike course.

    Trail running…silver falls registration (race is in Nov) opens on thursday. There is also the fall trail series. Shorter races, easy for you to get to in FP. Plethora of other awesome trail races that I’m sure Jen has already filled you in on.

    Half marathon PR…come April there are races almost every weekend, if not in town, then within an hour or two drive.

    Marathon PR…if for some reason it doesn’t happen at CIM, there are plenty of options up here…also, Justin is considering Napa in 2014, if you needed a ride to CA we could carpool =)

    I have no doubt that you’ll return to the full Ironman someday…when the time is right. I totally agree people have one of two reactions, yes please or no, thank you!

  20. Sarah S. says:

    I’m really excited about Ironman Boulder! I live in Boulder and it’s going to be awesome to have that kind of event here. It’s contracted for 5 years if you decide you want to do it…sounds like you’ve got some good goals set for yourself. Very manageable, yet challenging. I want to run a half this Fall. It would be my first distance race since I partially ruptured my Achilles.

  21. Nancy says:

    Awesome job on IM and great goals moving forward. I am a recent transplant to Seattle and have heard great things about the Lake Stevens 1/2. Others that I have heard good reviews on and am considering for next year are Rev3 Portland and the Victoria BC 1/2 (both of which are late June or early July races typically). Welcome to the Pacific Northwest :)

  22. Exciting about CIM! I’m sure you’ll absolutely crush your old PR.
    My running PRs are seriously outdated., too.
    A half IM is so much more doable. You should check out the Oliver half (June) or Desert half (July): http://www.outbackevents.ca/. They’re in the same area of British Columbia as the old Ironman Canada/Challenge Penticton. You’re almost guaranteed good weather, amazing community support, and it’s in the middle of wine country!
    I hope to do lots of trail running and some trail races next summer!

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