Baked, Whole Wheat, Pumpkin Donuts

It’s Halloween and you know what’s scary? The ease in which I find my self perusing Amazon and purchasing the nonsensical.

However, the latest random Amazon purchase of this Donut Pan only set me back $10 and led to a delightful creation with the quintessential fall ingredient: Whole Wheat Pumpkin Donuts.

Baked, Whole Wheat, Pumpkin Donuts

I took me a while to find a recipe that was easy, had the ability to be “healthy-ish” and didn’t contain the uber-trendy and overpriced specialty flours. I landed on THIS RECIPE, with a few substitutions of my own:

  • Whole wheat instead of regular flour
  • Almond milk instead of regular milk
  • Coconut oil instead of applesauce (I didn’t have any applesauce)

Because of the substitution of whole wheat, I ended up adding more almond milk that originally called for, and the results were still cinnamon-sugary, donut-shaped goodness that were gobbled up at a party I took them too.

Oh and if you’re wondering, save yourself the $5 and don’t buy the youth “mouse” costume set at Target. Your attempt at a lazy costume will likely fail like mine did when the mouse nose snapped.


Happy Halloween!

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4 Responses to Baked, Whole Wheat, Pumpkin Donuts

  1. Amanda says:

    The costume is still cute!

    Congratulations on signing up for the Half Iron. I’ll look forward to the training posts.

    Those donuts look delicious! I have a donut pan (also purchased from amazon) that I’ve used a few times. Baking them is much less scary than deep frying and of course healthier.

  2. Susan SRMS says:

    What a cute mouse! Does “chicken face” actually wear a “chicken face on Halloween?????

  3. Maria says:

    Oh my gosh, I may have giggled at your mouse face. I’m kind of jealous of those donuts though. Living in the sorority house means no kitchen for me to cook in :(

  4. Cathryn says:

    I’m going as a mouse tonight – my little boy is going as cheese. Thanks for the Target warning!!! Those doughnuts look amazing too.

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