Race Recap: Scheel’s Turkey Trot 2013

If Thanksgiving 2013 had a theme, it would be simple: BABIES.


With the cutest block-head you’ve ever seen, my sister’s baby finally coming home from NICU on Thanksgiving day and my sister-in-law pregnant with a baby boy, it was all things miniature human. But I have to admit, I couldn’t get enough of it because being an aunt is simple the best. OH YOU ARE SO CUTE LET ME LOVE AND KISS YOU! Oh you pooped? Let me give you back to your mom.

In addition to the overwhelming cuteness, there was increased frequency of those questions…

“When are yoooooou going to have babies?!”
“You’re getting older, you need to be careful.”
“You know, as a runner, you can have increased complications.”

I simply shook my head while silently bemoaning their questions.

My family doesn’t have many Thanksgiving traditions, but one that I like to keep up myself and try to trick people in doing it with me is the Scheel’s Turkey Trot 10K. In 2010, I ran it in 10 degree weather (and also PR’d), in 2011 I raced it alone, I had to pass in 2012 due to the ankle disaster, and in 2013 I was back at it.

Let’s be frank, the course is horrible. Probably one of the most boring courses you could imaging: run out of a mall, through some warehouses, along a sidewalk, loop back on the street side and finish back at the mall. The only thing it does have scenery-wise is the ever present mountain backdrop that the Reno/Sparks area always has.

Regardless, Chicken Face and I made our way to continue the tradition and try to justify that day’s caloric consumption. Thankfully, we were in the 30 degree range; regrettably, my Garmin was dead so I ran watch-free.


The race strategy: just run and try to limit the amount of times I curse the lack of oxygen in Nevada. I ran, saw old college friends (thanks for cheering, Monika!) and by the time mile marker 4.5 came around, I was getting kind of bored. The course is just so “meh.”

But thankfully, an older gentleman ran up next to meet and started verbally shouting motivational cues at me. And when I say shouting, I am not exaggerating.


As shocking as his approach was, I kind of loved it. Ok old man, I can appreciate this. Let’s do it! So I ran with my new drill sergeant friend until we were almost there and I shouted back at him and told him to KICK IT IN. Then off he went.

I finished the race 42:XX (small town race still doesn’t have the results posted) and 2nd in my age group. Not a PR, but I still felt proud of the solid effort.

I finished the race in time to see Chicken Face finish his 10K at a pace of sub-9 minute miles, which is fantastic, especially considering he only runs when I drag him to races.

Thanksgiving continued as it should: family, food, sleep, food, repeat three times. It was fantastic.


I hope everyone had a great time turkey trotting and had an amazing Thanksgiving.

Happy Running!

P.S. We’re officially one week out from CIM. Uhhhh…

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8 Responses to Race Recap: Scheel’s Turkey Trot 2013

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m curious to know more about these issues that running brings on future mommies? I also got the baby pressure on Thanksgiving and we’ve only been married 2 months – i can’t imagine what you are getting with a house full or babies and a few solid years of marriage under your belt! Just tell them you need time to do another Ironman…. I’m sure they’ll get it ;)

    Congrats again on the 2nd place AG finish! Speedy as always!

  2. Jessica says:

    At 22, I already got entirely too many of THOSE questions about marriage this Thanksgiving and am slightly dreading when the baby questions will start. I can’t say that I’m not looking forward to leaving the small-town south in a few months :)

    Congrats on a solid race!

  3. Margaret says:

    Yeah, I’m also wondering what these alleged runner-based complications are?!

  4. Babies are simply adorable, especially when they’re related to you and you can give them back when they cry/poop/or when you want to eat!
    Congrats to both you and CF on another great race!
    I can commiserate with you on the baby talk. We’ve been married five years now and I think when people even hear the word Ironman they get upset knowing babies will be delayed again!

  5. I love the pic at the end! Your Turkey Trot sounds even more boring than mine and I wasn’t sure that was possible!

  6. Awesome, Page! I sorely missed my turkey trot this year (we were in Yosemite, so can’t complain), but I’m toeing the line at CIM in a week too! Excited/nervous/ready for it to be in the books. Probably won’t see you as you’ll be flying ahead, but hopefully will catch a glimpse of you before you PR! Happy taper :)

  7. Amanda says:

    Good luck at CIM!!

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