Lake Stevens 70.3: Week 2

Week two is in the books, as well as a three-day weekend with my two favorites that I’ve missed so much: Chicken Face and Lola.

UntitledAround and around in the dark.

From my first beeper swim (more on that later), ramping up yardage in the pool, and getting out of my own head running loop after loop in the dark on the track, the training felt like I was getting back to the old triathlon Page. A sign of comfort and happiness as my heart misses those two emotions more frequently than not.



Then came Friday, a reprieve from the work week and the chance to go wine tasting with my husband, take walks with my dog, hide from the rain in the movie theaters, binge watch House of Cards season two, and to do a little heart rate testing at a local 5K.

As part of my heart-rate/MAF based training, Sonja needed to see just how high I could push it — enter the Heart Break 5K. Well, let’s be more specific, here’s the race day plan that we laid out:

  • A mandatory 1.5 mile warm-up and some strides. No warm-up? Then pack your stuff and go home.
  • Race strategy: go easy for 1 mile and then “nail it to the wall,” with a reminder that time didn’t matter in this race, only effort. We want to see just how high we could get my heart-rate…oh, and absolutely no looking at my watch.

So I did just that: warmed-up, turned my watch around and just ran. Those miles weren’t the most visually exhilarating and the four hair-pin turnarounds with volunteers randomly standing in the middle of the cones where I had to shout at them, “What one do I go around?” were less than ideal. But I won’t lie, it was fun to feel like a top female athlete: I was the second female, first in my age group and fourth overall.

Sure it was a small local race, but it was a hell of a lot of fun letting the race standings transport you to a little dreamland for 3.1 miles. I’ll take my 20:14 minutes of small-town fame and enjoy it.

While it was no PR, Sonja reminded me that I’m not allowed to PR this early in the season…or maybe it was all that wine from Friday’s wine tasting rendezvous.

But can we just talk about the best part of the race for a second? Seeing Chicken Face finish, taking one too many KIND bars, and the post-race strawberry shortcake and make-your-own oatmeal bar. I can appreciate a 5K with solid food options.


So hurrah for 5Ks and post-race food goodness, but HURRAH for time with the people that I care for the most.

I closed out week 2 with:

7.23 hours training:
4,950 yards swimming
41.4 miles cycling 
18.2 miles running
35 minutes core and rolling

Happy Running!

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9 Responses to Lake Stevens 70.3: Week 2

  1. MILF Runner says:

    Love the race strategy and the post-race strategy! Glad you got to see your sweethearts :) Congrats on your AG win and great finish!

  2. Great job on the race! This is a good reminder for the rest of us not to go out too fast when we race.

  3. I love following along with your training! I have done Lake Stevens the past 3 years. Okay actually last year I traveled to the race, got food poisoning two days before, threw up at expo and all day the day before, drove to the race morning, picked up my bike broken hearted and left. But the two years before that =best race ever. Really it is such a great race and has a summer camp feel I have yet to get at any other race. Thinking of doing it again this year, maybe I will see you! Keep up the great work!

  4. Congrats on heartbreaker!! Even without a PR it is smokin’ fast! I can’t believe that you had that good of food. AA sports usually has dud eats at the end of their races!

  5. Asia says:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend!! I’m doing HR/MAF based training too! A lot of running slow this time around. I’m curious. How high did you get your HR at the race?! Pretty sure I have a freakishly high HR for my age.

  6. congrats and yes that is one of the awesome things about small races, you get to feel like a rockstar!!!

    I’m totally not a fan of all the hair pin turns, looks like my half in a couple weeks has more of them which definitely makes a PR attempt harder

  7. Nicole says:

    Welcome to the heart rate training party!!!

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  9. Jessica M. says:

    I love that you have the hours and break downs of your workout on the blog.

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