Things that come in threes:

  • Sports in a triathlon, duh.
  • The quantity of sisters in my family.
  • The number of times I cursed during my long ride, times 27.
  • The number of scary ER trips my friends and family have now in the past month.
  • The number of nieces and nephews I now have.

Week five was a bit of an experiment: both emotionally and physically.

When I saw the total volume my coach had planned, I reacted audibly as I haven’t seen those hours since Ironman training. But Sonja assured me that it was all part of my MAF testing and seeing what kind of volume my body can handle as I get back into it.  The great thing about having a coach is that I don’t overanalyze, just do what they say, and provide my feedback along the way. It’s magical.



Post-workout selfie. Guilty as charged, but I was so excited with the MAF results!

The good news includes not only finishing an almost 15 hour week, but my MAF (maximum aerobic fitness) mile tests showed considerable improvement after only four weeks. Well would you look at that…working on being aerobically efficient and not just anaerobically efficient can actually work!


And any time you can eat copious amount of the best peanut butter ever while on a long trainer ride and watching movies is a good day.

In addition to some confidence boosting MAF results, a coach pep-talk and my chicken arms getting schooled in the pool, we also welcomed a brand new nephew into the family. I’m on my way to meet him for the first time as we speak – I can’t wait to gush over other babies and then hand them back when they poop!


The first-world/idiotic bad news is that my inability to follow turn-by-turn directions in new places is still limited. I took Rocko out for my first outdoor, Portland long ride and proceeded to get lost on a new loop and battle the ever-present rain and wind. I was my usual happy-go-lucky self at first, but after hours of being covered in mud and being unable to help some poor kids who fell off their bike (that’s another story) I was over it.  I don’t have a garage or a patio, so there was only one way to get Rocko clean (don’t worry, I didn’t turn on the shower head).


And in the real-world scary news department, another family member ended up in ER and thankfully they too are ok, but seriously people. Can we catch a break for a hot minute?

In the end, week five was challenging while still giving me the courage to charge forward. And I also learned that I can eat an entire head of cauliflower, in one sitting, by myself. I know, I know, you’re impressed. (Don’t worry, the aftermath wasn’t that scary).

I closed out week 5 with:
14:40 hours training:
8,300 yards swimming
116 miles cycling
24 miles running
60 minutes core/rolling

 Happy Running!

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14 Responses to LAKE STEVENS 70.3: WEEK 5

  1. Nicole says:

    Sounds like a solid training week! Sorry to hear about another family member in the ER!

    You are going to be a machine in lake Stephens! 14 hour training weeks 5 months out= beast mode :)

  2. elizabeth e says:

    very impressed by your training, especially with so many bumps in the road. i got lost on a run in atlanta last week; sadly, i’ve lived here for a year, and i was running in my neighborhood. i just wasn’t paying attention and all of a sudden, everything was unfamiliar! have fun meeting the baby nephew – and hopefully, everyone will stay out of the ER this weekend!

    • PageWilliams says:

      Haha, I pretty much do the same thing all the time!

      • blog says:

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  3. Erin says:

    My coach (PIC) is ramping things up this week for me. I personally think its her way of seeking revenge as I’ve been skiing way too much (including ditching workouts last Friday) while she’s been recovering from a ski-induced ACL rupture and surgery.

    I’m personally hooked on the wild friends chocolate almond butter with sunflower seeds. SO GOOD.

  4. I’ve decided to get a coach this spring and I am so excited to take the guesswork out of training plans! I am really excited!

    Sorry about all the family/friends ER trips! That sucks and is super stressful. My husband and I had the same thing in Jan…two unexpected deaths in the family. It’s draining, but the important thing is that everyone you know is ok, right? :)

  5. meghan says:

    Good job getting all those workouts in. Your commitment to the pool is outstanding. I need to refocus on getting back in the water. I just have no motivation in that regard.

  6. Katie says:

    Nice work Page!!! You are amazing! Way to get through a heavy volume week. Yay for improvements too!

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