Aiming to Beam

Oh heeeeeeey.

I think I’ve lost track of what week of training I’m on as you know…life…has been a little bit chaotic.

Chaotic in the good way, chaotic in the “I just want to take a nap” way, but chaotic in the “I know I am so blessed to have this chaotic life” way.

Rather than trying to recap the multiple weeks of training that I’ve missed posting, I thought I’d share a bit about a redefined perspective, without divulging my inner soul.

This week in Portland, the sun came out. But in a blazing, 90 degree, record-breaking fashion that makes you yearn for AC and wonder if this is the antithesis of the crazy winter and that summer only holds more hilarious plot twists for us.

Regardless of the how hot it was and how truly unusual it is for Portland to see those temps in April, I noticed a dramatic shift. I felt like someone had turned on a light switch and all of a sudden I was beaming.

This pale skin, I burn just looking at the sun, gal’s attitude went from drudging along to literally clapping as I walked into the office shouting, “LET’S DO THIS PEOPLE.”

Maybe it was the surge of vitamin D.
Maybe it was my increased intake of iron-rich goodness after finding out I’m severely deficient.
Or maybe it’s because I’m trying to shift, reprioritize and little inner thinking.

Despite the strange stares, I rode this deep happiness high and took notice of just how much the dismal days of Portland’s winter had affected me (and they say it wasn’t even that bad of a winter).

Taking notice in your true inner self may sound like a line straight out of a pre-teen self-help book, but it had gone unnoticed for so long that I didn’t see what was, and is now, staring me in the face.

As I look back over the past weeks at all of the little things that make me beam, it’s easy to see the path ahead. Savoring the little moments, focusing on positivity, cherishing the time spent with loved ones, and appreciating any moment spent in the pool, in the saddle or on the road, despite the outcome of that workout.

It’s a long road ahead but I’m willing to put in the work. Here’s to a few of the things that made me smile and I hope you’re beaming as well.

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10 Responses to Aiming to Beam

  1. Seattle had the same heat wave.. Boy, it was a treat! However, I learned real quick that I couldn’t do my normal route due to the heat. I enjoy a few quick runs during the week though.

  2. erin says:

    What I wouldn’t give for that heat wave. It was the most brutal winter ever here, and I’ve been feeling the same: Who the hell am I?! The sun is literally starting to rise right now (and my mood with it), and I couldn’t be happier to see it. Glad you’re back, friend :) xo.

  3. Kecia says:

    I too have been in a bit of a funk this week. We finally saw the sun yesterday, and it looks like it is out again today…YAY!! With the bright orange ball in the sky comes a much better, brighter mood as well 😉 I would love to have a heat wave…even if it just lasted a day or two.

  4. Kristen L says:

    I was also loving the nice weather this week. So beautiful! Hoe can you not want to be smiling an d be outside when it’s like that, right!? Hope you continue these happy days!

  5. Dave says:

    Nice pics, I absolutley love archery, nothing relaxes me like that.

  6. We are getting sunshine here as well and it absolutely is an attitude/game changer. Glad to hear that things are going well for you! “Aim to beam”…I love that attitude!

  7. Kimra says:

    I love this. I remember the first weekend the sun came out the summer I lived in Portland. I will honestly never forget how VIVID everything felt. It was like the whole city came alive.

  8. Laura says:

    I moved to Corvallis in the fall and I feel exactly the same way! I don’t even hate the rain but I felt so blah all winter, and once we had a few sunny days in a row I felt like a completely new person. This is so real:

  9. Martha says:

    As a Seattle native, I have to recommend going on vacation to a sunny place in January or February. It is the ONLY way to survive the long, wet, gray winters in the Pacific Northwest. You need proof that the sun exists and to get that vitamin D infusion. A sunny vacation is NOT a luxury when have to live through the rain and the gray! 😀

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